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Project: Mask

Author: Ron Lammers


Mask massive prog

Interview at Massive Prog Radio.

Even with these extreme temperatures, just another fresh edition of MPR. Starting tonight (11-06-2023) from 8-22pm at Epic Prog Radio. This week new music from Comedy of Errors and Einar Solberg, among others. The 2nd HOUR you will hear the music and stories of our new Dutch ProgProject: THE FOUNDATION. The debut album "Mask" will be released on 30 June and with me in the Silvoice Studio as guest: Ron Lammers and Rinie Huigen. You will hear everything you need to know about this great new project.

Massive Prog Radio

photo: Anne-Marie Peters
from left to right, Rinie Huigen Nico Schouw en Ron Lammers