Mask cover 1920x1280

Artwork by Douwe Fledderus ( )

We are born to love.
We learn to hate.

It’s up to us what we reach for !

“Mask” is a concept album based on an autobiographical story.
It’s a chronological representation of human life. It starts innocently when we are born.

We are expected by the outside world but also by our parents to prove ourselves and
to strive more and more for a better position in society. Either financially or in terms of
prestige. As a result, we are blinded by reality and lose sight of what really matters in life.
This can even lead to despair. Take off your mask and choose for love. This can lead to a
conversion to faith. Therefore you are filled with love and positivity. Take your
responsibility and manage your mistakes and look positively to the future.

Concept by Ron Lammers

Mixed and Mastered at M4-Studio
Noordbroek, The Netherlands

The Foundation

The Foundation is founded by Ron Lammers. In the late 90’s he started with Sietse Dijkstra and Marcel Kerkdijk to compose and record some prog songs. Unfortunately due personal circumstances they had to split up.

In the meantime Ron Lammers started Xymphonia Records and released albums from Plackband and Timelock.

In 2020 Ron bought a proper keyboard and he composed a concept album “Mask”.

Infosheet (EPK)

1. Before The Dawn (4:30)
2. Birth (3:13)
3. Climbing Mountains (5:00)
4. Blind To Reality (04:51)
5. Despair (3:38)
6. Mask (12:13)
7. Renewal (04:33)
8. Unconditional (04:02)
9. Future (7:21)


Curious about our "Mask" album? You can listen to the entire album now on our BandCamp page. Click on the BandCamp logo below and enjoy the music!

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Music by:
Ron Lammers ( 1-9 )
Gijs Koopman ( 9 )
Jan Munnik ( 4,7,8 )
Marcel Kerkdijk ( 6 )

Lyrics by:
Mark Smit ( 3,4,7,8,9 )
Ron Lammers ( 6 )

Mark Smit - Vocals
Rinie Huigen - Guitars
Jens van der Valk - Guitars & EBow
Aad Bannink  - Solo guitar (8)
Gijs Koopman - Bass, Taurus Pedals
Sjoerd Bearda - Violin
Judith van der Valk - Flute
Jan Grijpstra - Drums
Jan Munnik - Keyboards
Gijs Koopman - Keyboards (9)
Ron Lammers - Keyboards

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